Ashley is a inventive warrior.


She is caring at times, she also has a shy personality. She is a inventive penguin. In her free time, she invents items. Not only that she is inventive, she is also great at science too. Ashley loves science alot that it's her favorite subject in school.

Ashley as a warriorEdit


Some attributes
Age 16
Hair color Brown
Element and weapons Circle. Weapon is Battle axe
Other attributes

Warrior informationEdit

  • Element: Circle
  • Element color: Brown
  • Main weapon: Battle axe
  • Main job: Fixing broken items (might be changed)

Main Special Abilities (Warrior)Edit

~Under construction~

Stretched HairEdit

  • This ability makes Ashley's hair super long. It is used to cover up herself, mostly for hiding in certain places. Since Ashley's hair is very long, this ability fits utterly.
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