Astria is a dark blue puffle with wings. Astria's gender is unknown, although Astria looks like a a girl.



Astria is sometimes austere at warriors, only if they have been a warrior for enough time. Astria is also sometimes quiet for some reasons. Most puffles think that she's a weird creature because of her look, Astria thinks those puffles are just jealous. Astria is not really a trusting puffle, Astria can lie at the perfect time when needed. Sometimes Astria tricks warriors and set them into a bad position, to make these warriors actually think.


  • Attitude: Astria is a very quiet puffle. Astria perfers to be alone instead being with friends. Astria could be a good puffle for penguins who are quiet or a little mean.
  • Special fact Astria was not born in Club Penguin, neither earth. Astria was born in space.
  • Favorite food Yogurt.
  • Brush Gives a wavy hair style.
  • Sleep Sleeps normal.

Astria's quotesEdit

  • Your powers are unstoppable, unless you die. - Astria
  • Your powers are inside your soul. - Astria
  • Something's wrong with this girl named Jemi, she's suppose to be a young girl with happiness not depression. A penguin with the star element should be in happiness. -Astria
  • Too bad that she died, as a warrior. -Astria
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