• CPPSToria

    Hi. I'm sorry about the confusion around when Penguin Warriors will come out.. But i'm afraid episode 1 has to come out anywhere in 2014. Now its called "Penguin Warriors 2014". It does not mean its cancelled, so do not panic.

    The animator needs more days to work on episode 1. I wasn't expecting it to be finished in 2013.

    Also User:Little Liv Kitty made a show called Penguin Warriors workers show :D! On Twitter she posted a preview of that in the Penguin Warriors Twitter account, i'm not sure if its animated. If it comes out, either User:Little Liv Kitty or me will show you. Or any other worker.

    User:Little Liv Kitty made a new character I think. (but it is not in Penguin Warriors. It's a worker). You can read more here.

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  • Iheartcowsalso

    All year?

    November 22, 2013 by Iheartcowsalso

    I will be online alot on Penguin Warrior's wikia for alot this year...the most on P.A. is a list of my P.A. days from after today...what is a P.A. day

    December: 20 - 31 (maybe because it is Chrismas break)

    January: 1, 2, 3, 24

    February: 17

    March: 7, 10, 14

      April: 18, 21

      May: 19

     June: 6.......

    That is just for my P.A. days........

    Other days i will be on....the days that i am at my moms i guess i rarele go on at my dads.....

    Moms days: Unknown Days 

    Dads days: Unknown Days

    And almost ever Weekend........

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  • Iheartcowsalso


    November 22, 2013 by Iheartcowsalso

    Any second i could die......i am diabetic...but anysecond anyone of use can die so i am going to do my best to suport the penguin warriors team......yes i am apart of the team..i am a music maker...but back to the point.....i will suport penguin warriors for as long as i can we need to get things done for the awsome peeps who will watch this....

    -From one of ur music makers:iheartcowsAlso

                                                                   NEVER GIVE UP  

    And the name of this blog should be "us"....but i donno how to change the name of the blog

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  • MintyKay4576

    Thank you all.

    August 24, 2013 by MintyKay4576

    Me and Toria thank you for entering our contest. We hope more people will soon. :)

    Toria will try her best to upload it as quick as she can. Not rushing her, but I wish you luck Toria. :) -Fallon

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  • CPPSToria

    Hi users! I have bad news. Penguin Warriors trailer 1 may not come out in August. The animator had prep pressure. Also the animator is thinking of quitting. The animator is Flufffylight7. If Flufffylight7 quits, then I have to be the animator. Its sad I know. I am hoping she doesn't quit because it will take a long time for me to make the trailer by myself if she quits.

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