Clariessa is a warrior of ice.


Clariessa is a very shy and calm warrior. She acts very shy at penguins like Jemi and Drake. She likes to be alone and play with the snow in her free time. Winter is her favorite season because she's the princess of snow. In her free time when it's snowy outside she plays around with her ice powers because her ice powers will most likely work, even if she's not wearing her warrior clothes. She's great friends with Mia because of her niceness. Clariessa likes Mika (the main warrior) too, but she thinks she has a better best friend. She usually gets shy when she meets new penguins, but when she gets to know them she's a great friend.

Some attributes
Age 16
Hair color Metallic Silver
Element and weapons Element is snowflake. Weapons are unknown (creator's still thinking about it)
Other attributes


She's mostly seen with metallic silver hair wearing her school outfit. She sometimes wears glasses, which gives her the nerdy look that she doesn't like.

Clariessa does not have that many clothes, that's the reason why she mostly wears her school outfit.

Warrior informationEdit

  • Element: Snowflake/Ice
  • Element color: White
  • Main weapon: Unknown (creator's still thinking about it)
  • Main job: Protecting and providing care to the snow.
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