Dr. Hawk
File:Picture pending, will use player card if nobody can draw him for me.
Vital statistics
Position Slighty insane time traveler, famed scientist and inventory
Age 26
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height  ?
Weight  ?

Dr. Hawk was a famed inventor and scientist of Club Penguin. For the last few months of his life on Club Penguin he was a good friend with Gary the Gadget Guy, and they often worked together. However, in October 2012, he mysteriously vanished. Many thought him dead, but really he had created the Time Trekker 1000, and began using it. He currently visits different time periods, exploring and documenting prehistoric life.

Hobbies and GamesEdit

Cretaceous Carnage: He rides his ceratopsian Theo and does battle with tyrannosaurs.

Aqua Adventure: He rides inside the bubble cockpit saddle he created for his pliosaur Bruce, and explores the ocean depths.

Tyrannical Terror: He plays 'dino fetch' with his tyrannosaur Tyrannus, and things get messy...


Brownie: Brownie is the first pet he ever got, a brown puffle, a good friend of Gary's Brown Puffle. Brownie is smart, curious, inventive and shares Hawk's love of pizza and Peng Cola

Theo: Theo was one of the first dinosaurs he met, when he saved Hawk from a Tyrannosaurus. He is a blue juvenile Triceratops, and is bold and loyal, and Hawk knows Theo will never let him down.

Bruce: Bruce is a bull Liopleurodon, nearly 30 ft. in length. He saved Hawk from drowning during an adventure in the Late Jurassic, and Hawk owes him his life. Liopleurodon have always been Hawk's favorite prehistoric creature, so he spends lots of time with Bruce, and often sleeps on his back in the shallows eating pizza as the sun sets.

Tyrannus: Tyrannus is a Gorgosaurus. He's loyal, adventerous and patriotic, and he's often Hawk's favorite mount when he engages in battle or needs to get somewhere fast. Hawk saved Tyrannus from a large pterosaur as a hatchling, and the two are very good friends.

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