"Jemima, when you were a pookie/baby you were very warm. I never saw you be cold, even in the brisk winter. I gave you the middle name Attakai because of how warm you are, Attakai even means warm. If you needed to be cold, you would have to take a very cold ice bath. Be honored that you were "Middle named" Attakai."

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Vital statistics
Age 30
Hair color Brown and yellow (used to be blonde)
Penguin color Brown
Eye color Blue
Episode appearances Unknown

Flame is Jemi's father. He has brown hair and yellow hair (he dyed his hair, his real hair color is blonde). He also has fire powers. He can also change his age, he probably will use that for a reason. He is the king of nightmares (not to be confused by the nightmare monsters), which may mean that Jemi is the princess of nightmares. He also owns a kingdom which is in the Dark Realm, that could mean that he's probably a villain.


Flame has a rude/depressed personality. He rarely talks to anyone.


He's seen with brown and yellow hair, with brown penguin skin. He wears a black sweatshirt and blue pants. He also has a tail that is yellow, brown, and black. He looks like a gender bender of Jemi (not including the clothes), but when he was 28 he dyed his hair.


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