Ok so this one is not about me but its about my PENGUIN she relates to me a little though my name is Liv and her name is Ligi   ( pronuced lie-gee ) i do prefer you think of me as her because i'm practicly my penguin and i will be her as much as i can ( you know like billybob 'n stuff? ) You can also call me Ligi if you want  

note Ligi is not in Penguin Warriors shes a worker

Livgi ( personality )Edit

Livgi is a creative kind of penguin, she likes to listen to dupstep and draw things. She is from  sinapore but she lives in Club Penguin. She can also talk in japense. She has black and purple puffles the purple ones name is Puff and the black one is Neko ( cat in japense ) she likes ice-cream and cookies and she dislikes liers.


Ligi wears a jacket that has fluffy fur on it the jacket has no sleaves though. She also has headphones and steam punk goggles most of her coulers are white and corel pink 
Ligi ( refrence )


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