Lokicuber- "HOOPLA"

Lokicuber- "HOOPLA"

Lokicuber's funniest Hoopla video

Lokicuber says hai

Lokicuber waving and smiling

Lokicuber (A.K.A Icecuber110) is a group member of the Penguin Warriors. She is kindhearted, loyal, and very funny. She admires a villian from Marvel called Loki. Lokicuber also enjoys drawing and sketching. She has drawn many pictures on deviantART and Youtube. Most of the time, she will play either on a CPPS (Club penguin private server) or Transformice when bored. Many players on those websites noticed that she speaks Japanese when she is happy. Rumors from many players tell that she can sing in Japanese as well. As far as she speak Japanese, she watches anime and listens to vocaloid. Lokicuber also has a very huge obsession to a game called Portal. She is a gamer girl, due to the fact that she plays many games.


Lokicuber is a spunky, yet kind girl who enjoys being a tomboyish type of person. Whenever she feels threatned, her sense of rage can become very huge that she curses at others who treat her badly. She is also very funny, with a sense of humor that delights many other people she talks to. Unlike any other girls, she enjoys the freedom of expressing herself in a male-like manner. For example, she dresses in ways that males would. 
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