Matthew is a character in the series

Vital statistics
Position A penguin
Age 14/15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Slightly taller than normal penguins
Weight Normal penguin weight


Matthew is a shy character who does not like to talk to strangers or be in big crowds, othen spending time on his own. He is, however, a gifted singer, actor, and artist. He is a gifted penguin who loves puffles and always walks around with Rainbow (his 1st Rainbow Puffle). When he was a kid, He wanted to be a super hero. He is really creative, othen coming up with made-up TV series, stories, super heros, charaters.

He hates Lego 1003 because of his habit of acting famous. According to Matthew, he always knew Lego was evil because he never judges a book by its cover and sees another side to people.

He reviled his favoruite colour is  hot pink, but he like all colours (except green, which he describes as "a uncreative colour which looks horrible". He is describes as a "big brother" to other, othen putting others before himself.


He has 3 brothers and a Mum. His father died in a car crash. However, his grandmother (from his mothers side) was a witch (Showing where his magical powers come from). and his grandfather (from his dads side) could also become invisible.


Invisibliliy: He can render his apperence to become totally Invisible

Magic: He can Proform spells that allows him to do loads of stuff Including having a Sonic Scream, Control the elements and Fly

Puffle Understanding: When a spell went wrong when he was a kid. he got turned into a puffle. when he turned back he could understand puffles.


He has a Side Swipt (which may get cut short) with a I Heart My Rainbow Puffle T-Shirt. He is pink.


Rainbow is his main puffle. She is extremly close to Matthew since he saved her from becomeing a Klutzy clone by Herbert. She uses her rainbow fart to help create a fog to help the charaters escape from evil penguins. She is close friends with most pink puffles (especially Snivy, considering he stuck up for her when she was new around the other puffles).

Knowledge of other penguins:Edit

Mika: I know her, She te best penguin warrior I've ever met! (Unknown Episode)

Lego 1003: .... Meh (Unknown Episoide)

Olivia: I know I've hered that name before (Unknown Episode)

Drake: He a great guy, a good friend to (Unknown Episode)

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