Mika is a peach penguin with purplish black hair. Her nickname is Amy but mostly her friends call her Mika instead. She is one of the penguin warriors. She is voiced by Kelly.


Mika is a girl with a happy heart. She's also sometimes shy too, but kind of shy is not just her personality. She is calm also. She is also a strong girl who will care for anyone and fight for peace for her own life, with no betray. She loves to make new friends, so she can be supported more. She also tries to get along with Mortem, but Mortem just gets annoyed. She's a magnanimous friend to have, you wouldn't even ever get a lie from her if you were her one of her truthful friends.


Her dad is Gary and her mother died. Her family thinks that she's a good and happy child to have.

Mika as a original girlEdit

Mika as a warriorEdit


Mika's Knowledge of penguinsEdit

  • Jemi Yes I know her! (Episode 1)
  • Lego 1003 Hmmm who is he? (Episode 5)
  • Olivia Yes I know her! She's my friend. (Episode 4)
Some attributes
Age 15
Hair color Purplish-black
Element and weapons Element is rainbow, weapons is a bow and staff
Other attributes

Early character design and early personalityEdit

Her early character design for casual clothes and early personality is the same as today, but her warrior clothes were much different.

Her early warrior clothes were a purple headband with a butterfly on it. She wore a purple coat with no sleeves with a scarf, and a purple skirt. Her shoes were purple and white also. Most of her warrior clothes were purple because her element was not rainbow, it was a wolf. Her element color was purple back then. A few months later the creator changed Mika's element color and element because she did not think a wolf element and purple element would fit for her.


Mika does try to get along with everyone, even when they hate her. Mika would never be rude to someone, even when the penguin is rude and evil. Mika even tries to get along with Jemi in the first couple of episodes (where Jemi doesn't have a positive personality)

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