Mori is a funny young girl with green hair. She's Ivy's younger sister.

"A clover gives you luck. I hate to see you rip a clover, by that impulsive attitude you wont gain any luck. I promise." -Mori, unknown episode


Mori is really funny alot. Her weapons are two daggers and shurikens. Mori is a energetic, playful, and funny girl. Her speed is fast at times, but she can be easily tired. She also protects nature. Her name is Mori because Mori means forest in Japanese. She is great friends with Nada and Orlene because they have related personalities. She's interested in Jemi wanting to know why she's acting like a villain in her personality and either if she's pretending to be a villain or not.

Some attributes
Age 14
Hair color Light green.
Element and weapons Clover. Weapons are shurikens and daggers
Other attributes

Warrior informationEdit

  • Element: Clover
  • Element color: Green
  • Main weapon: Shurikens and daggers
  • Main job: Protecting nature


Mori is mostly seen with light green hair braids. In the series, as her normal outfit she mostly wears her school outfit.



  • Nada: "Of course she's my friend. What would I do without her?"
  • Jemi: "I don't know is this girl is actually a warrior..... Who knows.."
  • Ashley: "Nice friend! I hope she doesn't drink alcohol. *giggles*"
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