"My heart is not a toy, so don't play with it too hard." -Nada, unknown episode


(under construction) She is an outgoing, strong willed, and bubbly female penguin warrior. She is not just an outgoing one, she is also friendly towards anyone. She is usually called the princess of hearts. She's obsessed with gum, everyday she chews gum to take away her stress.

Warrior abilities (under construction)Edit

  • Heart Control: She can control other penguins that have a mean heart to a kind heart, but sometimes it does not work.
  • Laser tie: She can grab 2 pink lasers that look like jumpropes. The lasers tie up the nightmare/penguin tightly, so it can be easier to defeat the nightmare/penguin.
Some attributes
Age 13
Hair color Light brown
Element and weapons Heart. Weapons are cutlass, scythe, and a rope that has spikes all over it
Other attributes

Warrior informationEdit

  • Element: Heart
  • Element color: Pink
  • Main weapon: Scythe
  • Main job: Unknown (the creator is still thinking about it)

Early character design and personalityEdit

Her early personality was suppose to be a nerdy penguin. She used to say "umm" and "err" alot. A few months later the creator thought of the character differently and decided to make it a energetic, sporty, and happy penguin instead of a nerdy and weak penguin. She did not think a nerdy and weak penguin would fit for a heart warrior.

Her early character design was short brown hair, peach penguin skin, glasses, and a simple shirt. Her hair style is still the same as today.

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