Before you join our community, you must follow our rules.

The rules are...:

  • No vandalizing
  • No bullying each other
  • No adding non sense pages
  • No nudity images on this wiki
  • No advertising on this wiki, unless it's related to Penguin Warriors. If you want to advertise that you're not sure you can do, please ask the creator

You may:

  • Cuss
  • Upload gory images, but please warn others (if there's anybody that is afraid of gory images)
  • Help improve pages
  • Communicate with others on message wall or/and on the forum
  • Help others with editing (of course.)
  • Upload images with cussing in it
  • Upload fan art, of course
  • All those good stuff.

If you break one of the rules, you will receive a 1 day block from an admin/worker. If you break them again, you will receive a 1 week block. If it continues everytime, you will possibly receive a forever block.

If you see anyone break the rules (if you're not an admin), please message an admin/worker about it so they can block that person.

Admins/workers, please block anyone that breaks the rules.

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