Professor Drilén
Vital statistics
Position Professor
Age 38
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Above average penguin height
Weight Slightly below average penguin weight

"You don't think I'm insane, do you? BECAUSE I DON'T THINK I'M INSANE! Nobody says Professor Drilén is insane!"

-Professor Drilén

Professor Drilén is a scientist who works for the Hero side. He is Mika's cousin.

Relationship with OthersEdit


Mika is Drilén's cousin. Mika has a strong dislike for Drilén, but Drilén does not notice this.


  • "That's Professor Drilén to you!"

-Professor Drilén


  • He was born with a strange ability to create portals to the Underworld with his mind.
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