Vital statistics
Element Huge stress
Goal Make penguins die from stress, then use them as dolls for movies.
Likes Drawing and making doll movies
Appeared in episode(s): Unknown
Age: 11

Supottaburashi is a nightmare in Club Penguin.


Supottaburashi is a shy nightmare but is actually evil. She can speak but she only knows how to speak Japanese, she never spoke English. Warriors don't understand what she's saying because she's speaking Japanese not English. She used to have a mother but her mother got killed by depression. She never knew who her father was and doesn't know what gender she is, so she calls herself "Michi no" which means "Unknown" in Japanese. Her name "Supottaburashi" means "Spotter brush" in Japanese, which is a type of brush. She was named that because she loves drawing (mostly scary ones). She loves making doll movies, but she wants to kill penguins from huge stress and use them as dolls for her movies.

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