Tasha is a peach penguin with blonde hair princess.

Princess Tasha Inasa Mulleti
Vital statistics
Position Princess
Age 11
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight  ???


She has quite of a shy personality. She's the princess of nature, like Gree. She thinks Gree is not a good nature princess because she thinks Gree's personality does not fit to be a nature princess. She's very kind to many animals in forests. Most of the animals listen to her more than Gree because of her kindness, this makes Gree jealous of her. Tasha always wanted to be a warrior but she never knew how to be one.


Tasha doesn't have a family anymore. Her parents and siblings all died from a disease, and Tasha never got the disease. She's sad that she no longer has a family to protect and care for her, that's why she is alone. All of her cousins died from it too, but there was 1 other cousin that survived from it. Tasha doesn't know that she has 1 cousin that is alive.


  • She can make any plant grow
  • Heal animals
  • Destroy plants
  • Revive plants

Gree has more nature powers than Tasha, which makes Tasha want to steal some powers from Gree.

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