Hi. I'm sorry about the confusion around when Penguin Warriors will come out.. But i'm afraid episode 1 has to come out anywhere in 2014. Now its called "Penguin Warriors 2014". It does not mean its cancelled, so do not panic.

Why Is It Changed To 2014

The animator needs more days to work on episode 1. I wasn't expecting it to be finished in 2013.

Penguin Warriors Workers Show

Also User:Little Liv Kitty made a show called Penguin Warriors workers show :D! On Twitter she posted a preview of that in the Penguin Warriors Twitter account, i'm not sure if its animated. If it comes out, either User:Little Liv Kitty or me will show you. Or any other worker.


New Update

User:Little Liv Kitty made a new character I think. (but it is not in Penguin Warriors. It's a worker). You can read more here.

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