Some attributes
Age 16
Hair color Dark purple
Element and weapons Element is diamond. Weapon(s) is a sickle.
Other attributes

Victoric is a purple haired penguin that is a warrior.


Victoric is a nice penguin when she meets new penguins. She loves to try to act perfect (probably trying to show off herself) so she can have lots of friends. She loves meeting new penguins but sometimes she acts rude for a reason. She's great friends with every warrior but Jemi. Victoric does not like Jemi because of her personality and how she treats her, Jemi doesn't like Victoric either. She never lies and tends to speak her thoughts out, maybe even if it's a little rude. She thinks Jemi is a disgrace because of how she treated her, Jemi gets a little depressed about this.


Her mother and father were great penguins. They would always take care of Victoric even if she's depressed. Victoric's parents think that she's a talented child because of her personality and great ideas. When Victoric was 13 she started living by herself because her parents starting getting rude somehow, this made Victoric a little depressed.

Warrior informationEdit

  • Element:  Diamond
  • Element color: Purple
  • Main weapon: Sickle
  • Main job: Protecting diamonds and make sure that they are clean and aren't infected by nightmares.


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